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REDUCE Health Insurance Premiums - DECREASE Accidents & Injuries 

Poor nutritional balance alone correlates to an 8% reduction in productivity, and people with bad diets are absent 15% more than those with good diets. 

Health & Performance Research Study by Vielife, Harvard Medical School & Institute for Health & Productivity Management.


As our lives become more hectic, we sacrifice sleep to get more done, and as we push ourselves harder and harder, our stress levels rise even higher. It feels like we are on a hamster wheel that continues to accelerate and there seems no way out, until now................. until Karen Insley

karen insley nuritionist

Karen has a background in Holistic Nutrition, she is a certified Cancer Coach and is a certified Body Image & Eating Disorders Specialist.  She has transformed not only the physical health of many individuals, but she has transformed their emotional health and the relationship that they have with their food too.

At Healthy Way Every Day, Karen's expertise is that of identifying the Psychosocial Hazards in your workplace. Using her unique health risk assessment methods, she uncovers the "non-physical" emotional hazards that are negatively impacting the mental health and the mental well-being of your employees.  

Karen's humour, paired with her English accent, makes her delivery skills a pleasure to watch and her personality is intoxicating.  She will have your employees engaged from the onset, she will get them excited about nutrition, and she will leave them empowered and motivated to take an active interest in their own health and fitness.  And employees who take an active interest in their own health have been shown to be more productive and more profitable to their employers.

Karen is a highly regarded health professional and considered by many to be an expert in the field of Psychosocial Health. She is at the top of her game and having spent the last decade developing her knowledge, strategies and her expertise, she effortlessly coaches and encourages individuals to make lifestyle changes that will boost both personal and professional health.

Psychosocial Health Risk Assessments
Psychosocial Hazards are not physical, but affect the mental health and the mental well-being of your employees. It also affects their ability to work in a safe and healthy manner!

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Colleges & Training Facilities
Delivering knowledge and training that give individuals the health, fitness & lifestyle skills necessary to accelerate and enhance their performance in the workplace!

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Biometric Screening & Fitness Testing 
60% of you employees said, when surveryed, that biometric health screening and fitness testing protocols were what they found the most valuable in a wellness program.

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Virtual Wellness Coordinator 
Experience the feel of a big company onsite wellness program, with our online resources, or use as a stand alone program or as a compliment to your existing wellness initiatives.

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Wellness Speaking & Presentations
Karen's animated personality, English accent and exceptional delivery skills will have your employees engaged from the onset and excited and empowered to make change.

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Human Resources & OHS
FATIGUE, is a primary cause of DEPRESSION and is the #1 Psychosocial Hazard, that is costing Canadian business owners over $330 million annually in lost PRODUCTIVITY.

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Improved Strength & Fitness
Reduced Blood Pressure
Reduction In BMI
Improved Flexibility & Mobility

"Do One Thing And Do It Very Well"

What we do, and what we do very well, is helping employers to improve their profits by identifying the Psychosocial Health Risks and the associated hazards in their organization, that can negatively impact the health and wealth of the company.
Our programs are designed to compliment and support any existing wellness initiatives that may be in place.
So connect with us today and be proud to work with only the best.

Need Strategies That Work?

Identify Risks! Prevent Accidents & Injuries! Reduce Health Premiums!
Boost Productivity! Increase Sales Today!

Client Testimonials

"We just participated in the lunch and learn at MPI with Karen. I have attended many health workshops and I have to say that this one was by far the best one I have ever been to. Though there was a lot of information it was easy to understand in the way that Karen explained it and I learned so much about my own health journey and how to make corrections. Karen is obviously very well read and knows her stuff; I thought she did a great job and I hope to have the opportunity to attend more of her presentations".

"I can't say enough great things about Richard and Karen's teaching style and their delivery skills. Both of them are remarkable trainers, they make a great team and have a wealth of combined expertise to share. I'd take their courses and attend their presentations ten times over"

"Your presentation at our annual health conference was absolutely fantastic, we so enjoyed listening to you and I learned so much from the event; and thank you for being a part of our day"

Manitoba Public Insurance
Michelle O
Orange Theory Fitness
Sharon K

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