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We cannot answer every question on this page but wanted to share a few common questions asked to help you to navigate how awesome we really are. 

We work with all sizes of companies and our recommendation would be for you to schedule an onsite complimentary wellness consultation with us to discuss your wants, needs and your goals.
At the end of our conversation, if your budget allows, you may wish to consider our "Workplace Wellness Coach" training course for one of your employees as this will allow you to run your own onsite programming but still get access to our support. But, if using an external wellness provider really is outside of your budget right now, at least it is on your radar and we have even shown those without a designated wellness budget how to incorporate wellness programming into their organization so give us a call.

One of our most successful clients to date, who has their workforce participating in our "Concierge Program", operates continental shifts and their facility is open 24/7. Because the "Concierge Program" is run onsite at the client's location, we simply schedule the employees to see us during the time that they are at work. And those who work the night shifts have their routine disrupted as little as possible and are not required to come in on their days off or stay past their finish time.
So we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can accommodate your 24/7 operations.

Actually, you don't.
However, we can provide a wealth of resources and create customized strategies that we "know" will work, but if you don't implement them, then yes, quite possibly, the program might fail. Think about if we gave you a top of the range hammer, with a comprehensive instruction manual, it is still up to you as to whether you build a house or a table. We cannot vouch for the integrity or quality of either finished product, but what we can vouch for is that when it comes to your wellness program, you will have the best strategies possible to build optimal financial and physical health in your organization.
And if you consider our "Workplace Wellness Coach" course then not only will your key member of staff be trained to run custom onsite programs, but you get our continued support to ensure that your strategies are successful and "do work".

This is where our "Workplace Wellness Coach" training course really comes into play, as registered participants will gain valuable skills on how to design a program based on their generation and they will be trained on how to design and run multiple programs side by side.

Have you ever been to a training course or conference and come away so fired up to implement all that new knowledge you just learned? I bet you have. But, once the dust has settled and you are back at work, and busy with life, it can be difficult to remember everything. And although our 200+ page manual is comprehensive, sometimes you need to bounce ideas off others or have more questions to ask, and so this continued support is part of the annual subscription. You also get access to our 24/7 online members-only wellness portal where you will find multiple resources and documents to customize and use. And one major bonus is that if you were to book us to present a wellness lunch 'n' learn at your organization, our fees per presentation start at $300, but as part of your annual subscription fee, every quarter you get access to an industry-specific webinar FREE. These webinars are created according to your organizational needs and as they are available as a webinar, you do not have to schedule all of your staff to be present at the same time, and available to watch when it works for you. So if you are not already sold on why our "Workplace Wellness Coach" course is a good idea, you might be now.

Wow, another great question and ABSOLUTELY we can come to you. The only criteria being is that the course is designed with a lot of group interaction to create the right energy and allow for participants to share experiences with other students. Typically we would come to you if you have a minimum of 8 participants registered. If you cannot reach this number, maybe you have another company in your building or adjacent to your facility that may wish to register one of their employees onto our course, so do call and discuss this onsite option with us before dismissing the fact that you might not qualify.

As a personality based industry, the success of "our" business relies almost entirely on referrals, and your client base means that you have access to a lot of connections that you could potentially refer us to.
And so how our "Wellness Referral Program" functions, is that for every client of yours that you successfully secure a booking for on our Workplace Wellness Coach course, we will extend a discount on the cost of the course fee; you bill your client the full posted amount and we invoice you for the discounted rate. Multiple referrals and confirmed course bookings will qualify for a higher volume discount and so please do contact us to discuss this in more detail.

EAP is a great resource to have available to you, but unfortunately, only 3%-5% of employees actually use this opportunity. The reason being is that typically employees are not even aware that it is available to them, but the primary reason being is that they do not trust the confidentiality of discussing their health, fitness and finances with a stranger and/or someone on the phone.
This again is where our "Workplace Wellness Coach" program comes to the forefront again in that as part of your annual subscription fee, you can qualify for a discounted fee on our "Wellness Blueprint" presentation which introduces us to your employees, so that we can build that in person trust, and we elaborate on how wellness program results, when needed, are reported directly to us confidentially, and we provide statistical data only back to you the employer (not personal information).

Unfortunately no, as we have already mentioned how we have minimum group numbers to create the right amount of energy and interaction, and a lot of the course content involves practical work and role-playing situations and this interaction is not something that cannot relay online. But as we have also mentioned, and if you have checked out information on our other pages, there is a lot of information that is available after the course online, and we keep this information current and you do get access to free updates too.




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