Musculoskeletal Health is the working of the joints and muscles and the ability to perform comfortably the physical tasks of day to day living.
Our vision is to create workplaces where employees are healthy, safe and injury free. 
In Canada, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD'S) account for the most lost-time injuries, the highest lost-time claim costs, and the most lost-time work days of any type of injury.
Worker's compensation board figures from various jurisdictions indicate that MSD's account for 25% to 60% of total annual compensation claims.
MSD's are often painful and disabling.
They can interfere with all kinds of tasks at work, at home, and in recreation.
Even in early stages, recovery from MSD's often requires months or even years of treatment.
In severe cases, there may be a permanent disability.
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   MSD conditions include :
   Joint conditions
   Bone conditions
   Spinal disorders
   Regional and widespread pain disorders
   Musculoskeletal injuries
   Genetic, congenital and developmental childhood disorders
   Multi-system inflammatory diseases connective tissue diseases and vasculitis
MSD conditions can not only be related to improper ergonomic and/or inefficient H&S practices, but inflammatory responses in the body are significantly impacted by poor dietary and lifestyle choices. 
Did you know that inflammation in the body from poor dietary choices can present from anything as simple as joint pain all the way up to cancer.
Technology in the workplace is getting faster, but physically we are moving slower.
Lack of movement and repetitive strain is increasing and our professional lives are becoming more uncomfortable.
Getting on and off your office chair can be hard work and even painful for some.
Whether you are a sedentary worker managing lower back pain, employ shift workers, have a job that is physically demanding or your industry is high risk and employees are subjected to hazardous conditions and/or operating heavy/dangerous equipment, we can provide tools and solutions that will allow your staff to perform pain free and you will see your health insurance costs decrease.
Our interactive workshop will provide nutrition strategies to promote health from the inside out.
You will learn nutrition strategies to promote health at a cellular level and gain valuable insights into corrective movement and techniques to improve existing mobility and pain issues.
We have a team of experts and rehabilitation resources, so if you want to avoid a "work disabled" environment and to live injury and pain-free, contact us NOW! to book our interactive half-day workshop where you will learn practical ways to improve your health and movement.
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