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We cannot answer every question on this page but wanted to share a few common questions asked to help you to navigate how awesome we really are.

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Our Services & Fees

EAP is a great resource to have available to your employees, however statistics show that only 3%-5% of employees use the service, because primarily they do not trust the confidentiality of the process and are not comfortable talking with a stranger.  This is why the first step of our process is our "What Is Wellness" presentation which introduces us in person to your employees, they become comfortable in being able to ask questions face to face and it allows us to begin building trust and forming a relationship. We do not replace what you currently have, we add complimentary value to your program and can provide support and education on how to implement existing resources.

We form relationships with organizations of all sizes and are extremely successful in working within all budgetary levels. Our "What Is Wellness" presentation can be hosted at your facility for as little as $300 (regular fee for this presentation is $500) and if you are not quite ready to invest in your companies financial and physical health, our presentation will provide you with strategies that you and your employees can implement immediately. The post presentation Q&A will also help to solve some potential time sensitive health issues. Plus, wellness will be firmly on your radar for when the time is ready. Which we hope you don't leave for too long.

Actually you don't.
However, we can provide a wealth of resources and create customized strategies that we "know" will work, but if you don't implement them, then yes, quite possibly, the program might fail. Think about if we gave you a top of the range hammer, with a comprehensive instruction manual, it is still up to you as to whether you build a house or a table. We cannot vouch for the integrity or quality of either finished product, but what we can vouch for is that when it comes to your wellness program, you will have the best strategies possible to build optimal financial and physical operational health.


How Do I Contact You & Who Do You Work With?

We are glad you asked this and basically we do not position ourselves in a fancy downtown office as this would mean we have to pass those exhorbitant overheads on to our clients, plus it would mean you taking valuable time out of your own day to come and see us. And so we actually come to you. How awesome is that eh? You can make your initial contact through our website, via an email, or hey, even better still, why not pick the phone up and talk to us, because I LOVE to talk!!!
And if you have already checked out the 3 A's on our homepage, you will have seen that all of our consultations, programming and testing services can be faciliated at your location.

Another great question, and where possible, we work around "your" organizations schedule. Our clients and the industries we work in are varied and we often need to schedule presentations and assessments around 24 hour shiftworkers, and although I do have a love affair with my bed every night, we do accommodate some "unsocial" hours when needed, and if you do operate a shift system at your workplace, why not consider having us present our "Nutrition & Fitness For Shiftworkers" seminar and get immediate access to valuable strategies for how to fuel and move the body when the body really wants to be in bed.

Wow more great questions, and no we do not restrict ourselves to working only in certain industries, but, if you have read my "how it all started" article, you will see that I do have expertise in some specific industries, those being hospitality, hotels, restaurants, food production, food manufacturing, distribution, motor manufacturing, construction, trucking, airlines and vehicle repair companies. And although this is where a large majority of our client base is, we are competent and diverse enough to adapt to any environment.