Webinars, Power Sessions & Presentations

As our lives become more hectic, we sacrifice sleep to get more done, we push ourselves harder and harder and our stress levels rise even higher.
It feels like we are on a hamster wheel that continues to accelerate and there seems no way out.
So we have honed our knowledge and expertise and developed our presentations around the most common struggles experienced in the workplace.

We refer to our Power Sessions as "Professional Development & Learning Workshops"
Our goal is to "engage" you, "empower" you and "excite" you by providing education, tools and strategies that you can take away and use to create a healthier version of you.

Our Power sessions can be hosted as a Webinar if you have multiple and/or remote locations and find it difficult to coordinate your staff in one location.
Although typically our sessions are run over the noon hour as a Lunch 'n' Learn, we often find that staff are more receptive to absorbing information first thing in the day and we can facilitate breakfast meetings too. So please let us know what works best for you.

We add more workshops to our portfolio frequently but here are just "some" of the ones that we host.

   Managing Lower Back Pain For The Sedentary Worker
   Heart Health - A Healthy Ticker, Not A Ticking Time Bomb
   How To Reverse Type II Diabetes
   Managing Food Addiction & Substance Abuse
   Dealing With Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues
   Psychosocial Hazards & Their Negative Impact On Your Health
   Navigating The Holiday Stress Season & Handling Food Choices At Social Events 
   Physiological Effects Of Mild & Chronic Stress
   How To Bring Awareness To Your Team & Motivate Them To Make Change
   Musculoskeletal Pain & Strategies For The Sedentary & Manual Worker
   You Don't Have To Avoid Stress, You Just Have To Get Better At It
   Sleep Smarter Not Harder
   Understanding The Differences Between A Physically Demanding Job & Exercise
   Wellness From Within: Nutrition Strategies To Enhance Your Health & Well Being
   Maximize Your Minutes: Nutritional & Physical Time Management For The Busy Executive & Business Owner
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