"Train employees so well that they will leave, but treat them so well they don't want to" Richard Branson
  • In April 2018, Benefits Canada reported that employers in 2017 have increased how much they are investing in their employee's training and professional development.
  • 51% of employers surveyed said that they are spending more than $1,000 per employee each year on average for training and 30% of employers are spending between $500 and $1,000 per employee.
  • Respectively this compared to 46% and 24% in 2016.


When it comes to wellness, whether you are a client or a facilitator, it is not a lack of information that is the problem, it is a lack of support that is the problem, and this is the primary reason programs fail.

So with this in mind, we changed our direction with our course and instead of creating a Workpace Wellness Coordinator Course we developed a Workplace Wellness "Coaching" Course.

  • Most wellness training courses give you a tonne of credible information and resources, but for a workplace wellness program to be successful, your appointed onsite wellness facilitator needs the skills to empower and coach their colleagues to make change. Otherwise, participation and results will be low.
  • Every organization has at least one "Wellness Champion" who is passionate and eager to implement healthier lifestyle habits into their organization, and so we want to harness that passion and turn them into a "Wellness Ambassador"
  • Their participation on our course and their role as a "Workplace Wellness Coach" will see them effortlessly being able to design and run multiple side by side wellness programs, that are specific to your organization and internal challenges.
Our program comes in two parts.
Part 1
A course fee that is payable "per employee" registered onto our course. 
You can register one employee onto our course, or, if you have multiple sites, you may wish to register more than one employee onto our course so that you have a dedicated Workplace Wellness Coach at each location.
The 9 hour course is a fully interactive course, involves theory and practice modules, quarterly assessments and a certification at the end of the first 12 month period.
Part 2
Annual membership fee that is payable "per company" that gives you 24/7 access to all of our online resources plus continual support from our team of experts (see additional details below).
The membership fee is a pre-requisite of the course but is only paid once per year "per company" and so if you register 5 employees onto our course, you still only pay "one" membership fee per year.
As current Health Coach PRO TRAINERS for the Canadian Fitness Professional ( we realize that although it is possible to learn a lot in one day, without continued support after the training course, Coaches often feel like they are treading water and not making the most of their newly gained knowledge, and that is why our coaching support is what makes us stand out and above the rest.
We will never leave you "floundering". 
PLUS as you will see below, the annual subscription is what gives you access to the private members only online wellness portal, giving you a weath of resources, ongoing support and multiple discounts.
We hope this makes sense and so do let us know if it doesn't.
Our Workplace Wellness Coach Course
seminar workplace wellness coachCourse Registration Fee : $599+GST per person
9 Hour Interactive Training Course/Workshop
Individual and group presentations
Navigate and participate in the A.A.D.M.A. Principle
End of module tests to determine understanding
Single Annual Subscription Fee : $399+GST 

Provides continuous support, guidance and coaching from our team of wellness experts
Confidential correspondence between us and your employees to respect privacy
Statistical results and data presentations sent direct to you the employer
40+ hours of webinars, videos, audio and continuing education tools
200+ page training and support manual
Access to private members only online wellness portal 24/7
FREE quarterly webinars and/or powerpoint presentations for you to keep and use
Fully illustrated forms and templates that can be customized with your logo and free course updates
Discounts up to 50% on our products and services including onsite presentations

Our Unique Expertise
    Holistic Nutrition
    Oncology Nutrition
    Psychosocial Health & Safety
    Psychoscial Risk Management
    Cvility & Behavioural Analsis & Cost Strategies
    Mental Health & Well-being
    Certified Cancer Coaching
    Functional Movement Screening
    Motivational Interviewing & CBT
    MSD's, MSI's, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
    Stress Management & The Physiological Effects On The Body
    Fatigue, Sleep Deprivation & Shiftwork


Doc3 001   The design and effectiveness of your wellness program(s) will depend on many modules.   
   Having credible content is only a small part of successful wellness.   
   Our unique expertise really does set us above the rest.

   But these inclusive topics below helps us get those results that others only aspire to beat.

   Modules, discussions, role playing and demonstrations will cover some or all of the topics below.
   Stress, Fatigue, Shiftwork, Civility, Respect, Workload, Job Demands, Bullying, Harassment.   
   How Psychosocial Hazards can impact and present as physical and psychological ill health.   
   Discussions on how to work with sub-clinical and chronic diseases such as COPD         
   Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, IBS, Hypoglycemia, Crohns, Colitis, Celiac, Joint Pain
   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insulin Resistance.   
   Consider economic issues, cultural habits and work life balance stress.


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